Husk chips are cut pieces of the husk of the coconut. They are available in different sizes from very small scraps up to bigger lumps. Husk chips have different applications. They are a good bedding ground in a terrarium. They are also an esteemed potting soil for orchids with their air roots. A new application is going to be an additive in the sand of horse riding places. Tests are under way. The husk chips are supposed to increase the stability for the ground and gives more foothold to the horses.

Husk chips have a huge water holding capacity. They can accumulate up to 9 times of water of their weight.Husk chips are available in pressed and unpressed forms.








20 x 10 x 5

500 g

8 : 1



30 x 30 x 10

5 kg

8 : 1



55 x 50 x 10

10 kg

8 : 1



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