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Lanka Coco Products (LCP) production site is conveniently located in the center of the Coconut triangle in Sri Lanka and is enriched with a wide selection of coconut husk and coconut fibers which are taken in to our production process. Due to the fact that LCP is located in the coconut triangle, we are enriched with the best possible fiber in the world for our wide production lines.

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Erosion Control

Lanka Coco Products offers a wide range of bio engineered products for any erosion…


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Coir products are a major player in the horticultural industry with its superior qualities…


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Lanka Coco Products produces a comprehensive range of natural products with coir fiber…


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We produce biodegradable products. Our coir pillows are filled with coir fiber into a woven coir netting…



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Lanka Coco Products is a well established company operating since 1994 catering to a wide range of an audience. LCP produces products for the erosion control, horticultural and industrial sectors.

LCP has a highly motivated management and staff dedicated in ensuring that the best possible products and services are offered to all our customers.

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