When processing the husk of the coconut to coir fibre you gain two products. One third of it is the fibre and two thirds are the fine material which we call coco peat or coir peat. Coir peat is pressed into bricks (650 gr ) or blocks (5 kg and 10 kg ) and is widely used as a growing medium for plants in horticulture. Coir peat is a superior alternative for peat moss. It bears a very high moisture and air retention capacity and enables growth and spreading of roots. Coir peat is 100 % organic, bio-degradable and economical. Since it is fibrous it can break up clay soils, giving friability and drainage. Its ph – ranging from 5 to 6.5 helps to condition the soil. Coir peat in connection with a commercial fertiliser is ideal for sowing seeds and potting. Nurseries and landscape gardeners also use coir peat for amelioration.

Brick consists of 100 % naturally growing raw materials. They are made from coconut fibre and are manufactured without any additives. Year by year the coconuts continuously grow and there is no overexploitation of natural resources. As the Brick is a truly organic product it guarantees a high environmental acceptability and is perfectly suitable as substrate for potting plants, bedding and balcony plants, but also as ground cover in terrariums

The substrate of Brick is ideal to retain fertilizer, nutrients and water. It offers young plants ideal growing conditions for the development of the roots. Bricks are not treated with chemicals, they are free from seeds and are subject to regular laboratory checks.


Dimensions (cm)





20 x 10 x 5

650 g

8 : 1

7-8 liters


30 x 30 x 10

5 kg

8 : 1

70-75 liters


55 x 50 x 10

10 kg

8 : 1


Mini bricks


8 : 1




8 : 1