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On 17.01.2019 we celebrated our 25th anniversary of Lanka Coco Products with our employees, suppliers and business partners in Madampe (Sri Lanka). As guest of honor we welcomed the German Ambassador for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Mr. Jörn Rohde.

After a factory visit to Madampe Sembukattiya, we invited our employees and guests to a jubilee celebration. Traditionally, the celebration opened with a Buddhist oil lamp ceremony, with coconut candles lit by selected guests. After the greetings and speeches by Thomas Roess (Managing Director) and Jörn Rohde (Ambassador), several employees were honored for their many years of cooperation.

Then there was a cultural program performed by Kandy dancers. After the buffet, with many partly spicy Sri Lankan delicacies, was properly celebrated and danced.

Some facts about Lanka Coco Products:
Since 1994 the name Lanka Coco Products stands for high quality natural fiber products made from coconuts and now employs 150 people. The coir fiber is a unique material, because its tensile strength and durability its the most long-lasting among all natural fibers – this is why the coir fibers are of such great value to the fiber processing sister companies of Lanka Coco Products who have gathered in the Roess Nature Group.

The production site is conveniently located in the center of the Coconut triangle in Sri Lanka, so we are enriched with the best possible fiber in the world for our wide production lines. The sustainable use of the natural resources grown by Lanka Coco Products, request an optimal utilization of the coconuts. This is why the company manufactures a broad variety of products and does not simply supply its sister companies with coir fibers.

These products range from woven geotextiles and quilted coir fiber mats to aggregates and substrates for landscape gardening – all valued by our customers for their numerous positive effects.